On Demand Telehealth App

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About the Project

NSC Software was hired by a US-based healthcare startup to develop an on-demand telehealth app. The app was designed to provide patients with a platform to connect with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers remotely, allowing them to receive medical advice and treatment without having to visit a physical clinic. The client's goal was to create a user-friendly and secure telehealth platform that would make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.

Application Features 

NSC Software developed the telehealth app using a combination of Swift and Kotlin for the mobile apps, React for the web app, and Java for the back-end. The resulting app included several key features, including:

- Video Consultations: Patients could schedule video consultations with healthcare providers and receive medical advice and treatment remotely, from the comfort of their own homes.

- Secure Messaging: The app included a secure messaging platform that allowed patients to communicate with healthcare providers via text message, ensuring that their conversations were private and secure.

- Electronic Health Records: Patients could access their medical records, including test results and medication history, directly within the app.

- Payment Integration: The app integrated with a secure payment gateway, allowing patients to pay for their consultations and other healthcare services directly within the app.

- User-friendly Interface: The app was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clean and modern interface that made it simple for patients to access the healthcare services they needed.

Overall, the on-demand telehealth app developed by NSC Software has helped to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients, while also providing healthcare providers with a secure and efficient platform to deliver remote medical services. The client has received positive feedback from patients and healthcare providers alike, who appreciate the ease and convenience of using the app.


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